1850 Numbers

Kendlebell can provide 1850 numbers (Callsave) which allow our client’s customers to call their business at a fixed rate per call, regardless of the duration of the call.

1850 Callsave Numbers

1850 numbers allow callers to contact companies at a fixed rate per call, you then pay the balance of the call on a per second basis. Customers calling from a standard Eircom telephone will only pay 6.66c fixed charge no matter where they call from within Ireland, regardless of the time that they spend on the phone (calls from mobiles, charge cards and other networks may cost more). You just pick up the balance of the cost of the call.

  • Ideal for promoting customer loyalty
  • Fixed cost to the caller regardless of their time on the call

The numbers are also non-geographic which means there is no association with any particular location in Ireland. This can assist when the client is targeting a wide area.

To include an 1850 Callsave number with one of our packages costs €20.00 + VAT per month plus call charges. Check out our tariff area for more details on the rates.

A 1850 Callsave number can be selected on its own and routed directly to a landline number of your choice.

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