1800 Numbers

1800 numbers (Freephone ) allow your customers to call your business for free. 

1800 Freephone Numbers

How Can I Get an 1800 Number

Kendlebell can provide 1800 numbers (Freephone ) which allow your customers to call your business for free. An 1800 Freephone number can also be selected on its own and routed directly to a landline number of your choice.

Are 1800 Numbers Free?

1800 numbers allow the callers to contact companies free of charge from anywhere in Ireland (including mobiles). It’s a well-known fact using a freephone number will increase the enquiries your advertising produces – people like something that’s free – given a choice between two adverts offering the same sort of thing – you’d ring the one with the Freephone number first.


Benefits of 1800 Freephone Numbers

  • More than 80% of people know that 1800 numbers cost nothing to call
  • Freephone numbers give you a competitive marketing edge

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