Telephone Call Answering & Message Taking

The first person a new or existing customer will speak to, when they call you, will create that vital first impression. You want them to know that they are dealing with a high quality organisation. So, you need to be assured that they will always be dealt with in a professional, efficient and courteous manner.

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Never miss an important call again


Kendlebell always provide a simple and cost effective call answering service by allowing you to have an extra resource on call.

We provide a personal telephone answering service. All your calls are answered by your own PA, giving you peace of mind that you’ll never miss another new enquiry again. Kendlebell is a personal service; your clients hear a friendly human voice on the line, and not an answer machine.

The system at our offices immediately identifies who the call is for and allows the PA to give out helpful information or answer general enquiries on your behalf as if they were actually members of your staff. A script is agreed in advance and always delivered.

All of this at a fraction of the price of employing staff, involves no administration and gives an excellent first impression to the caller. Messages are passed to you instantly by either text-to-mobile, or e-mail or you can phone in and speak to your PA anytime. At the end of each working day we also send you an email logging ALL your messages taken that day.



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