Diary Management

It can be expensive to employ an on-site receptionist. But when you’re busy, are callers greeted by a machine or left unanswered? If so, you risk losing business. Maybe you are trying to do both – work and answer calls. If callers do not get a reply, they often call someone else. In addition, if someone cancels and leaves a message , it might be too late to call someone on the waiting list . We can do that while you work and update your diary.

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Offload the basics

Our PA’s can answer your calls and make appointments, saving you up to 70% of the cost of employing a receptionist.

While you are busy in meetings or with clients, your dedicated team of PA’s at Kendlebell can be taking calls and booking appointments for you as well as making entries into your online diary. We can access your online diary securely using a Username and Password.

Their personal, friendly approach can really make an impact and promote a professional experience with your business contacts right from the start.

You can see your scheduled appointments any time online or you can call us to speak to your Kendlebell team about them. You’ll quickly find that we become a vital part of your business.

Medical practitioners, consultants, property companies and lawyers have all come to find  the service excellent and an essential part of their business.

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