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What Are The Features Of A Virtual Office?

There are a number of features companies can benefit from when using virtual office services.  Listed below are some features, along with their associated benefits, of why a business should use a virtual office:

Telephone Answering

A phone answering service provided by a virtual office enables companies of any size to have their calls redirected to the virtual office and answered in their company name by professional and experienced PA’s.  For any size company, this service provides great peace of mind as they can be sure that every call is answered promptly and professionally.  Calls can then be forwarded to the relevant staff member in the same way as a receptionist would do.  Alternatively, a message can be taken and forwarded by text or email to the relevant staff member or department.  This allows staff to work undisturbed, thus increasing their efficiency and productivity.

Daily, weekly and monthly reports analysing the calls taken by the virtual office can be a very useful service to companies, but in particular to marketing departments who may wish to track the performance of their marketing projects.

24/7 Call Answering

Some companies, due to the nature of their business, need their calls answered 24/7.  Some virtual offices provide a telephone answering service out of office hours and at weekends.  This can be particularly useful as it can be difficult and expensive to have staff working these rotas.

Once the personal assistants in the virtual office become familiar with the call handling procedures, they become a valuable resource for any size company.  Using a virtual office for telephone answering means that companies never have a problem covering sick leave or holiday leave.

Business Address

A virtual office provides a professional business address which can be used by clients on their website and marketing material.  In addition, any post received for clients at the virtual office can be forwarded to clients or if the client is living locally they may prefer to call to collect their post.  In some cases, clients may request that their post is opened and scanned and emailed to them.  Another service which can be provided by a virtual office is that cheques received in the post for their clients can be lodged at the bank.  The business address service is of particular benefit to business owners who do not need a business premise as part of their business operation.  It is also very