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Choosing Virtual Numbers For Your Business

When setting up a business, choosing a virtual number for your business is one of the first decisions you will need to make. Investing in a virtual number is a decision which will reap immediate benefits. A virtual landline or non-geographic number on a business card trumps a mobile number any day. Once the decision is made to go for a virtual number, you then need to decide which type of number is most appropriate for your business.

Having said this, here are the different types of virtual numbers to choose from:

What are the Different Types of Virtual Numbers?

Geographic Numbers

These numbers clearly identify your geographic location in Ireland such as 01 for Dublin, 021 for Cork & 091 for Galway, etc. It is also possible to get virtual numbers for areas within these cities such as a number starting with 47 for Kinsale for example. These virtual numbers can be programmed so that the calls can ring through to a mobile phone, thereby providing freedom to the business owner to take calls no matter where they are.

Non-Geographic Numbers

There are 3 different types of non-geographic numbers. The advantage of Non-Geographic Numbers are that they make your business look bigger, more established and national. Your business needs should be taken into consideration when choosing one of these numbers.

  1. 1800 Numbers – These are the most highly recognisable of the non-geographic numbers but also the most expensive to host as all call costs are paid for by the company hosting the number. These are also known as Freephone Numbers because the call is free for the person making the call. 1800 Numbers are most often used by companies targeting the consumer market.
  2. 1850 Numbers – Also known as Callsave Numbers, these numbers are less expensive to host than 1800 numbers. They are commonly used by companies who wish to have a national presence rather than limit their market to their local area.
  3. 1890 Numbers – An 1890 number is the most cost effective of the non-geographic numbers to host and may also be known as Lo Call Numbers. Generally, these numbers are favoured by Business to Business companies whose target market is throughout Ireland.

It is important to remember that non-geographic numbers cannot be called from outside the Republic of Ireland.

What is a Vanity Number?

In addition to geographic & non-geographic numbers, a Vanity Number is a number which is easily remembered. Many of these numbers are phonewords, e.g. 1-800-Flowers, while repeated digits are heavily used by taxis and food delivery companies. These numbers are worth considering if your a business that depends on repeated calls from y