Call Handling Facts at Kendlebell Kimmage

Technological advances have meant that making calls has now become more convenient than ever before. Mobile phones can be used to make calls on-the-go and while out of the office. We have created an infograph in this blog post based on research conducted into call handling and our business.

Business communication has changed a lot since we set up Kendlebell Kimmage in May 2007.  Back then, the majority of business calls were made from landlines.  The cost of making a call either to or from a mobile was quite expensive so people were conscious of this.  However, with the introduction of the smartphone more and more calls are being made on-the-go and out of the office.

The advent of more reasonably priced phones and packages meant that a larger number of people started using mobile phones and nowadays lots of people do not have a landline at home.  It is now more common for people to leave a mobile number for a call back than a landline.

People’s expectations in terms of customer service have risen in tandem with these technological advances.  Generally people will wait about 5-6 rings before hanging up. In line with this, we did some analysis of our call statistics and discovered that the average time we take to answer a call is 7.5 seconds – which is the equivalent of about 2 and a half rings.  This of course is facilitated by the fact that we have a number of virtual receptionists ready and waiting to take the calls as soon as they ring.  However, there are many companies who are not so invested in their customer service and will undoubtedly lose business as a result.

For more interesting facts on the findings we came across, with regards to call handling, check out the inforgraph we created below

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