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Happy Mother’s Day

Here at Kendlebell Kimmage, we would like to wish ye all a Happy Mother’s Day.

Don’t forget about the poor Mammys this Mother’s Day. Give them a break this weekend and ensure they have a relaxing day.

However, on top of Mother’s Day, did you know that the clocks are also going forward an hour this weekend?

While this does mean one hour less sleep, there are also some advantages to the clocks going forward:

Benefits of Daylight Saving

Health — According to research conductued on the BBC, daylight saving resulted in an increase of physical activity among children. When the evenings get darker later it means that there is more time for children to play outside.

Electricity — An extra hour of sunlight in the evenings may lead to reduced electricity and heating bills.

Crimes — Most crimes are committed in hours of darkness. Brighter evenings could mean less crime, or at least it reduces the fear of crime for those not wanting to go out on dark evenings.

Traffic — The Monday after the weekend the clocks go forward has been linked to some positive effects on traffic safety. Often the traffic is not as bad on this day.


Now you see that dalight savings is not necessarily a bad thing, REMEMBER TO PUT THE CLOCKS FORWARD.