Why Should You Outsource Your Customer Service?

Imagine you are building your dream house, would you really try and be the expert in all stages of the build? Would you try to take responsibility for the construction, electrics, plumbing, tiling, flooring, insulating etc.? Of course not!

This approach would result in extremely high stress levels, long time-frames, poor workmanship and a shoddy job overall.

So why apply this logic to your business?

You’re an expert at what you’re trained and qualified to do, but that doesn’t make you an expert in other essential areas such as book-keeping, admin work, and customer care.

The goal of any business – whether it’s well-established or in a start-up phase – is to provide the best possible experience to the customer, so we’re going to share some of the benefits that can be achieved by outsourcing your customer service to a company that specialises in looking after customers.


  1. Cost Savings
  2. Reducing costs is undoubtedly one of the key drivers in any business. Outsourcing significantly reduces staffing overheads by eliminating employee training needs, software and technology costs and all additional tax and incentive based costs associated with having a larger headcount.

    Outsourcing your customer service also improves budget restraints by converting fixed costs into variable costs.


  3. Competitive Advantage
  4. Outsourcing your customer service prioritises the needs of your customers by having a remote team dedicated to them, thus ensuring the standard of service they receive improves drastically. Transforming the customer experience from one of stress and inconvenience into a pleasant, seamless experience is good for business.

    Customer loyalty will improve as a result and your customer retention levels will be increased. There really is no better advertisement than word-of-mouth so a happy customer will have a fantastic knock on effect when it comes to new business opportunities and more leads for your business.


  5. Expert Management
  6. Outsourcing your customer care will give you immediate access to talent that specifically specialises in order taking, customer service and back-office administration. You’ll be handing off a very vital role to a company that will ensure your customers are looked after, which will save you time and stress.


  7. Freedom
  8. Managing people is a full time business. Outsourcing your customer service will free up a significant chunk of your time to enable you to focus on growing your business. Outsourcing essentially enables business owner to work on their business and not actually in it.

    Time is our most valuable commodity nowadays and freeing up the time required to manage an internal customer service department will add significant value back to your business by focusing on implementing and improving long term strategic plans.


  9. Greater Control Over Calls
  10. The telephone equipment you need to properly manage your customer care is expensive but it’s essential because it will ensure a better service for your customers.

    External agencies that specialise in customer care already have the technology infrastructure in place that’s required, so you don’t have to fork out for these premium perks. Outsource your customer care and features such as telephone answering will come as standard.

Freedom, stress reduction, reduced costs, greater control, increased revenues…still on the fence about outsourcing?