5 Essential Call Answering Tips

When it comes to doing business, there is nothing more important than making a positive first impression.  For many companies, business starts with a phone call.  The way that a phone call is answered can make or break a business relationship, so it is incredibly important to handle this with skill and confidence.  Here are some call answering tips to ensure that your company gives the very best first impression.


  • Smile

Even though the person on the other line can’t see you, smiling can make a huge impact on the way your conversation will go.  If you answer the phone with a smile on your face, your voice will carry a certain warmth to it.  You will sound happier and engaged in the conversation, which in turn will allow the customer to feel more comfortable and welcomed.

  • Strong Introduction

When answering the phone, it is important to let the customer know exactly whom they are speaking to.  This means clearly stating the company name, as well as your own name.  By stating the company name, you are reinforcing the image of the company, while also letting the customer know that they did/did not dial the correct number.  Introducing your own name is equally important so that customers can have a more personalised conversation.  Asking for customers’ names in response is another good call answering tip; it shows the customer that you are just as interested in them as they are in your business.

  • Listen Carefully

Every word that a customer says should be treated with great importance and value.  It is often beneficial to have a pen and paper ready to jot down notes about the phone call, such as the customer’s name, phone number, reason for calling, etc.  Having to ask customers to repeat themselves multiple times can make you seem rude or disinterested in the conversation.  Having a good focus on every aspect of the conversation is an essential call answering tip.

  • Professionalism

As the person answering the phone, you are representing the company as a whole.  The way a customer perceives your individual conversation will greatly affect their impression of the company.  Because of this, you always want to present yourself as professionally as possible.  This means speaking very clearly and always using professional language.  Any sort of unclear mumbling or the use of slang can give customers the impression that you aren’t really taking their call seriously, which will obviously damage your company’s image.

  • Customer First Attitude

Perhaps the most important call answering tip is keeping the customer’s needs above all else.  We’ve all heard the term ‘the customer is always right’, and even though it’s not always true, it is important to work from this viewpoint. Dealing with angry customers is not always easy, but it is important to try your best to come up with a reasonable solution to their problem in order to maintain a mutually agreeable relationship.  A customer will always remember the way you end the phone call, so use your best efforts to end on a positive note.