Why You Should Outsource Your Call Answering

On a recent survey to our customers where we asked them the reasons why they outsourced their calls to us we got the following responses.  We would like to share these with you to see why other companies use an outsourced call answering service.

Business Is Always Open

The number one reason why our customers use an outsourced call answering service is because it means that calls to their business are always answered even if there is nobody in their office.  Rerouting their calls from their switch to our office means that no matter what else is happening in their company their calls will always be answered.  This provides a great source of comfort to business owners and because they are receiving message from their calls within minutes of the call being taken they are immediately up to date on issues as they arise.

Cost Effective

Using an outsourced call answering service can be a very cost effective solution for businesses small, medium and large.  Most outsourced call answering providers will charge based on the number of calls taken or messages taken without charging for the time during which the PA’s are available to take calls.  So for the small business owner who may only have 3 or 4 calls a day they have an outsourced call answering service available for up to 9 hours a day at a fraction of the cost of employing a PA.  For the medium to large enterprises it is also an excellent option since a number of calls can be handled simultaneously. The outsourced call answering service is sometimes used as back-up to an in-house receptionist for lunchtimes, holiday cover, sick leave, maternity leave or early morning calls or later evening calls.

Frees Up Time For Working On The Business

Another benefit which our clients have highlighted to us is that when they use an outsourced call answering service their time is freed up so they can concentrate on other aspects of the business.  Because messages are sent immediately they can deal with the urgent issues as they arise and leave the less pressing matters to be dealt with later.  As we all know interruptions to take calls during the normal business day are very time consuming and can sometimes result in the work you had planned for the day being completely changed.  By using a call answering service you can use your time more effectively and delegate the tasks which you do not need to carry out yourself. This results in a win win situation as the matter gets dealt with and you can continue with the work you had been doing.

Presents A Professional Business Image For Your Company

Because an outsourced call answering PA is focused on what she or he is doing they are in an excellent position to provide a professional service.  Onsite receptionists can sometimes be given other work to do which can distract them from answering the phone.  Because you cannot predict when calls are going to ring it is possible that three or four calls may ring at the same time.  A single receptionist will be unable to handle all calls simultaneously but an outsourced call answering service can.  This results in less waiting time for callers and the portrayal of a more professional business image for your company.