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Virtual Phone Numbers: Everything You Need to Know

What Are Virtual Phone Numbers?

The internet makes everything simpler, and that includes your business line too. Virtual phone numbers are a convenient way to have calls forwarded to your phone through an internet service. That means you can register a number in another country, then have it routed through to your phone. No more long-distance fees to worry about!

A virtual phone number works through the internet. Once you register a number to a geographic locale, you can set it to forward to any other phone number. This could be a mobile phone, regular landline, or even a VOIP. With an internet connection, you can also use a virtual phone number through a tablet or computer if necessary.

Types of Virtual Numbers

There are many reasons someone might need a virtual phone number. Perhaps you travel out of the country a lot. In that case, you can avoid high mobile bills by using a virtual number. Or maybe you’re a small business and you need to avoid high international calling rates or want to tailor your number to a new region.

If this is the case then there are two main types of virtual phone numbers available to you. What type you need depends on why you need it.


A geographic number has an identifiable location. That means you can tailor it to fit the locale you are catering to. So, if you’re a small business, you can use virtual numbers to tailor your localised ads across different regions. This makes tracking the rewards of your advertising efforts much simpler.


A non-geographic number is just what it sounds like: a number that is not identifiable by a region. These are numbers that begin with 1800, 1850, 1890, and so on. The purpose of these numbers is to give your small business a large company feel. Some companies even have call answering services you can purchase along with the virtual number.

Why Use Virtual Phone Numbers

There are so many ways a virtual phone number can come in handy. It frees up your employees by allowing you to forward hotline calls directly to their mobile. This means they can work offsite, and that’s what makes it so easy to set up virtual