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What is the Cost of a Missed Call?

Image: Google Inc. [CC BY 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Telephone answering services are essential. Imagine that you need one of your parts-vendors to fix a mission-critical shipment in a rush.

They sent everything on time, but they made a mistake and now you’re going to have a hard time filling your own orders if they don’t correct it. You call them, but you get an answering machine and you have to leave a message. You probably don’t feel too good about the situation, do you? Now think about when one of your own corporate or private customers has to leave you a message. The frustration they experience might be poignant enough to prevent them from even bothering with you in the future. With a telephone answering service, however, you wouldn’t have to go through any of that. Telephone Answering Services exist because it only takes an instant to lose a customer. On the other hand,live telephone call answering service operators also ensure that you can improve consumer goodwill over the long term.

Many bespoke jobs are rife with interaction. You may think you’ve done things to the customer’s specification before you close up shop, but what if they needed one more essential change? They tried to tell you earlier, but you failed to check your voice mail until after the fact. If you had a telephone answering service, you would have known about the issue before you do all the extra work for no good reason. In the modern business world, time delays are like poison. In addition to frustrating or even completely alienating clients, automated answering machines put major barriers between you and the information you need to function. Missed calls cost you time and money, but the effect is compounded when those calls have further repercussions such as losing more than just one job, but losing the client to a competitor who could answer their call. Professional telephone call answering service operators, on the other hand, keep you informed as events unfold for maximum response efficacy. Contact us to find out more about our telephone answering service.