Kendlebell Kimmage Celebrates 13 Years in Business

13 Years in Business

Our 13th birthday at Kendlebell Kimmage officially kicked off last month, and after over a decade of happiness and success, things continue to get better for us year on year. Firstly, we would like to thank all who have made the past 13 years possible. From our fantastic team, to our impressive and loyal list of clients, we have succeeded together with all of you.To celebrate our birthday, we reflect on how it all began and what has brought our company to where it is today. 

The Beginning 

What feels like a short 13 years ago, Kendlebell Kimmage came to fruition as a family business, set up by Gerry Delaney and Gobnait Collins. Gerry and Gobnait both originally came from accounting backgrounds and while running his own consultancy business in 2006, Gerry came across the Kendlebell franchise. The business model intersected well with his professional background and experience to date, leading the pair to shift their focus from accounting, to setting up their own Kendlebell franchise. This is where the Kendlebell Kimmage story began. 

The Kendlebell Team 

Launched in 2007 with a team of four, including two additional Personal Assistants (PA’s), the Kendlebell Kimmage wheels were in motion. Since then, the team has grown to the larger number of ten staff. Every PA knows our clients extremely well. That is the difference between Kendlebell Kimmage and other companies. Our team is in regular contact with all clients and knows which calls may be urgent to one client, and not to another. 

Aside from Gerry, our workforce is female dominated and all of the Kendlebell Kimmage team have developed great relationships with each other over the years. We have built a strong bond among our staff and have always welcomed new additions with open arms. Twice a year, we welcome international interns into the office from Florida, USA. The interns are mostly business and marketing students who are eager to gain experience in sales, accounting and analysis work. Given our office size, it is the perfect place for them to do so. There are many staff members that act as mentors and unlimited learning opportunities while with Kendlebell Kimmage. 

Business Growth 

When Gerry and Gobnait first launched Kendlebell Kimmage, the company operated on a much smaller scale than it does today. The company originally began working with clients who were situated within Dublin 6 and Dublin 12. Relationships were built based on geographical location and this was due to the way clients were reached. Communication began by the company sending out targeted mailshots to closeby prospects. Though jumping forward 13 years to 2020, we have come a long way from sending out direct postal communication. Geographical area no longer matters, as since 2007, all businesses now have an active online presence, enhancing our channels of communication. 

Client List 

While many call centres are renowned for being impersonal, at Kendlebell Kimmage, we pride ourselves on the personal service we offer to each and every one of our clients. Over the past 13 years, Gerry, Gobnait and the Kendlebell Kimmage team have worked closely with an impressive list of over 600 clients such as Siemens, Swim Ireland and Free Now. One of our clients has even been working with us for over a decade! We have been working with