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Benefits of Virtual Phone Numbers For Your Business

What’s the purpose of having a dedicated virtual phone number for your business? When it comes to business phone numbers, having a virtual phone number holds a significant amount of value for your company – more than you might ever even consider.

The concept of using a virtual phone number – a phone number which uses VOIP telephony and call forwarding to divert it to another number – might be new to many SMEs in Ireland. However, a virtual business number is a very cost-effective option that can deliver a host of different benefits.

These include;

Gaining customer trust

Before they even contact you or purchase from you, potential customers will have analysed various signals of trust to decide if you’re a good vendor to buy from/hire. They may have read online reviews, asked friends for recommendations, reviewed your company page on social media or checked out your website.

Above all of these, there is one sometimes overlooked factor by businesses which can be a key decision maker for customers – a phone number.

If a phone number isn’t provided or a home/personal mobile number is added as your business contact detail, it can deter the trust of your potential customers, as they may not see you as entirely credible or established.

Establish a presence in different areas/countries

If you are seeking to establish a business presence in a different county, state or even a different country, providing a local contact phone number for potential customers in that area is key.

Customers prefer to buy from or use local businesses so if you are using a foreign or non-local area code, this can be enough to sway them towards a different vendor.

Using virtual phone numbers with the area or country codes of the business areas you are targeting can help you to increase the likelihood of engagement from customers in that area. Even if you just have remote employee on the ground there, you can empower them to build business in the area by providing a local virtual phone number.

Keep personal numbers private

Using your own mobile phone or home phone to accept calls requires actively publicising your private phone number. By switching to a virtual phone number, you can protect your personal number, even using the virtual