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Benefits of Having a Prestigious Business Address

Kendlebell is one of Ireland’s leading virtual office service providers because we realize how important a first impression is for every company.  This is why we offer prestigious mailing addresses within Ireland for our clients.

No matter where you are doing business, you want to look professional.  Whether your business is located here in Ireland or you’re based in another country and doing business here, your mailing address could have a significant effect on the presentation of your business.  Kendlebell can provide you with a prestigious business address in Dublin at a fraction of the cost of renting a premises.  Putting your business address on your business card adds credibility to your business.  People who work from home sometimes prefer not to put their home address on their business cards and using a Kendlebell business address can be a cost effective solution to this problem.  The Kendlebell address can also be used on all company marketing material and on your business website

Because Dublin is the capital, it is very common for any size company to want a presence in the city.  Unfortunately, many SME’s cannot afford office space in Dublin and it is more cost effective to work from their original location, perhaps even the comfort of their own home.  There is, however, a way to get the best of both worlds.  Using a prestigious business address provided by Kendlebell will allow your business to maintain the appearance of a company in Dublin, no matter where in the country you may be working.  Having an address in Dublin can be especially beneficial to those doing business with customers in other countries.  Dublin, being the capital, is recognized worldwide, so it is without doubt that international customers will much more easily remember a company based in Dublin.

Not only will a business address benefit just Irish businesses, but international businesses as well.  Many companies have customers in Ireland, although they may not be physically located here.  When it comes to doing business in Ireland, the cost of the move may be more than your business can afford, so check out how Kendlebell can help you.  We will provide you with the prestigious Dublin address without you having to relocate.  Your customers in Ireland will have a higher trust for your business if