A Guide to Non-Geographic Numbers

When people refer to Non-Geographic numbers they are referring to the 1800, 1850, & 1890 numbers. This handy guide will help you understand the pros and cons of each.

What are they?

When people refer to Non-Geographic numbers they are referring to the following numbers: 1800, 1850, & 1890.

1800 – Freephone Numbers:

The most widely known Non-Geographic number is the Freephone Number – 1800.  When we use the term ‘Freephone’ it resonates with people as it means that to the person who is calling the number, it is entirely Free of Charge.  The 1800 Freephone number is used by businesses to encourage callers to ring them and to eliminate the cost of making the call.

The Cost

The cost of hosting a 1800 Freephone number falls to the business who is ‘hosting’ the line.  Therefore the company is paying for the line as well as the callers call charges.  However, companies who offer such a service clearly see a benefit to paying these costs as it facilitates sales prospects.

The Pro’s

The biggest advantage of advertising a Freephone number is that it encourages sales inquiries.

The Con’s

The cost of hosting such a line is not always feasible for small businesses.  However, companies in B2C sector may consider it a justifiable expense.  Companies in the B2B sector may opt instead for an 1850 or an 1890 number.

Freephone numbers can only be called within the Republic of Ireland.

1850 – Callsave Numbers

1850 numbers or Callsave numbers are also widely known by the general public and used by companies who are looking to target consumers.

The Cost

It is cheaper to host a Callsave number than a Freephone number as some of the cost is paid by the person calling the number.

The Pro’s

The advantage of hosting a non-geographic number is that for companies wishing to target either consumers or businesses outside their own geographic area, it suggests a much larger enterprise and therefore attracts prospects who may not otherwise call your company.

The Con’s

Most companies who host a non-geographic number do so in addition to their geographic number and hence the extra cost of paying line rental on an extra line will need to be justified. 1850 numbers can only be dialed from within the Republic of Ireland.

1890 – Lo-Call Numbers

1890 or Lo Call numbers are numbers used in the Business to Business sector.  The call charges associated with a Lo-call number are less than an 1850 number but still offer the advantage of offering a non-geographic number for ones business.

The Cost

As mentioned the cost of a Lo Call number is less than a Callsave or Freephone number however, the number at which the calls are terminating will also have an impact on the cost.   It is cheaper to have your non-geographic calls terminating on a landline than on a mobile so this option should always be taken – assuming you have someone always available in your company to answer the calls.