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5 Tools to Have When Operating a Virtual Office System

When operating a virtual office system, efficiency is key. Using a variety of tools like those outlined below will ensure your virtual office runs smoothly and can even save you time and money.

Not only that, ensuring that a full range of capabilities is covered is essential in guaranteeing the smooth operation of a virtual office space.


  1. Internal Chat Software
  2. Collaboration is one of the biggest benefits of an office, and a virtual office brings its own benefits and obstacles in this regard. The online and distributed nature of a virtual office allows people from anywhere on the planet to join in and work together, often from their own homes.

    While this can greatly boost flexibility and efficiency, care must be taken to ensure communication is smooth and versatile. Apps such as Azure, Slack and Flowdock aren’t just chat programs but are also useful tools that can enable file sharing, establish work priorities and assignments, and track user contributions. They allow members of a virtual office to work together smoothly and freely.


  3. Cloud Backup
  4. Working together online is just the first step. Any modern office saves and stores data locally, but with a virtual and paperless office; there are no backup hard copies and no easily accessible computers for everyone to access. This means that if a single user doesn’t save their work correctly, important information may become inaccessible to others.

    Cloud backups ensure that all members of a team can access the documents they need and that the files are protected in case of an accident. Many programs can do regular cloud backups of selected folders and also set user permissions so only those who are meant to access certain files can. Dropbox is a robust tool for this and in common use.


  5. Registered Address
  6. Online businesses and websites can often seem short-lived and even sometimes unfounded because of the nature of the business. Having a registered physical office address helps to put potential customers at ease. 

    Trust is a complex and delicate thing to build. So