5 Signs That it’s Time to Hire a Virtual Receptionist

Let’s face it when you own a small business, time is money but time is scarce. You have to become a jack of all trades and wear 100 different hats. Or do you? Thanks to recent advances in technology, there’s now an easy way to get more done in your day.

Far more affordable than full-time employees, who often look for healthcare subsidies and pension fund perks on top of their monthly salaries, a virtual receptionist can assist you with many of your daily tasks without even being in the office.

Having someone available on demand when you need them will allow you to get on with your real job… that of growing your business and ensuring its success.    

Here are five signs that you need a virtual receptionist in your life:

You’re not capturing leads

Your phone has eight new voice messages that you haven’t had time to listen to yet. There’s a networking event coming up but you’re so swamped at the office that you won’t be able to make it. You haven’t updated your social media pages or even responded to enquiries posted on your website for the last two weeks. It’s time for a virtual receptionist.

You’re spending more than you’re bringing in

You crunched your numbers and then crunched them again before starting your business. But now, no matter which way you spin it, you’re spending more than your business is making. Apart from the continually rising costs of rental space, lights and water, petrol prices have spiked and this has had a big impact on your running costs. Advertising is costing you dearly and you still have to pay staff salaries at the end of each month. Wouldn’t it be great if you could reduce at least one fixed expense significantly? It’s time for a virtual receptionist.

You’re falling behind your competitors

The numbers speak for themselves. Your business initially got off to a good start, but now you’re being left in the dust. You realise that you haven’t been prioritising innovation. There’s barely any time to think at all these days, with all the repetitive tasks you have to do, let alone think BIG or think out of the box. The daily grind is preventing you from getting your start-up to the next level. It’s time for a virtual receptionist.

You’re super stressed

Juggling so many tasks, day in and day out has started to affect your health and your mood. You’ve been tucking into fast food to save a little time each day and your trainers are lost and covered in dust at the back of your cupboard. You’re a little snappy with everyone at work and at home. And you can’t remember when last you had a good night’s sleep. It’s time for a Virtual receptionist.

You’re overwhelmed by admin

It’s 10:30 am and you haven’t finished checking your emails. There’s a pile