24 Hour Call Answering

Does your business need to be open around the clock ? Then our 24 hour call answering service could be the solutions you’re looking for.

Many companies require their calls to be answered on a 24/7 basis either because they operate across various time zones, provide emergency response services or to allow callers respond at a time that suits them.

Often, urgent calls may be made to a company outside of normal office hours which requires immediate attention and we can provide an appropriate solution. The typical situations we handle out of normal business hours are:

  • Emergency response
  • Alarm activation response
  • Companies providing their customers with 24/7 service support
  • Event booking and registration
  • Software support and back office services
  • Consumer information or help lines
  • Customer appointments booking line
  • Call overflow from multi-nationals in different time zones
  • Direct / Media response lines
  • Consumer helpdesk
  • Consumer order line

Escalation procedures are agreed in advance with you where callers require action to be taken outside of normal business hours.

Individual tariff will be
agreed depending on

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